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Company is driven by Passion. We have a highly motivated team and the work gets reflected in the Product and Services.

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Good Domain Knowledge is key to the Success of Software Products and Services. In the changing business scenario we take less time to upgrade.


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Edumitra is considered the best online School Management Softwares, full of Features and easy to use. SMS Alerts at all the levels.

Edumitra has been designed with careful consideration of the Security. It Works on Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and User Ids are Password Protected

Access from anywhere on any device like PC, Tab, Mobile. Edumitra has been deployed on Cloud for the best performance and response time.

Student Inquiry Management - SMS Alert on Inquiry. Inquiry can be converted to Admission

Homework and Classwork Management - Parents can view published Homework and Classwork. It is done in a collaboration model wherein all teachers are asked to do Homework and Classwork entry in very easy step and your job is done.

Edumitra Bucket - All Cash Handling Staff will have Edumitra Bucket. All Cash Receipt comes to Bucket, All Expenses are done from Bucket, Money can be transferred from Bucket to BUcket

Complete Fee Management, Student's Ledger, Receipt Generation, SMS Alert to the Parents upon receipt of Fee Amount. All Schools are required to maintain complete record of Receipts present it for Audit

Monthly / Quarterly Billing on a few mouse click. Demand SMS Alert sent to Parent's Mobile. Schools can also generate Demand Bills.

Apply Charges / Give Credit into Account of a student. On Every Change SMS Alerts Sent to the Parents.

Quick Filtering of Transport, Hostel, Day Scholar Students, Quick Filtering on Class. Download in Excel format

Attendance Management Solution - Basic Attendance to RFId Card based Attendance. Contact for our Product Eureka Realtime for Attendance by RFId Card. SMS Alert on Entry / Exit. Attendance System will give you alerts in terms to total count and continued absence for better tracking

Expense Management - Schools are required to maintain records of all expenses and produce it before Auditor. All Expenses will be done under some Expense Heads. It is easy to get Head wise expense for a period. It gives your school better control on the Financial Resources.

Delinquency Management - This System enables schools to maintain the record of all delinquencies of the students in its record. It is based on collaboration model. Your teacher spends just 5-10 minute time to maintain delinquency information in the System. SMS Alert is sent to Parents immediately.

Complain / Issue / Change Request Management - It is one of the essential part of any customer service. Upon receiving the request a Service Request will be created. This Service Request can be tracked till its closure ensuring great Parents Satisfaction.

Call Tracking Management - It is one of the important feature as every School is required to call parents. There is possibility to call again with respect to the same issue. School gets assisted if all previous call detail is shown to the caller to make the next call highly effective. It makes the system person independent.

Examination Management - It is one of the important feature as every School is required to conduct examination. Assigned teacher will develop one set of Question and Edumitra will generate 5 Sets of Questions by Using XML Technology. After Examination teacher will just evaluate the answer sheets and complete the marks entry and that's all. Progress report will be automatically generated. All remarks will be automatically written by the System.

If you are interested in Online Examination you can rely on our product Exam Planet For more information please contact our Sales Team.

Edumitra Media - If you don't have Smart Classes or have no budget for Smart Class you can rely on Edumitra to a great extent. Your selected video can be rendered on Smart LED TV through Edumitra Server

Edumitra is available in Off line Version also. This suits very well for Large Schools who have IT Department. We Install Local Webserver in your Server Room and make network connectivity to your access locations by LAN or WiFi depending on your Physical Location. It gives you exceptional performance as compared to Online Version.


Complete peace of mind with respect to your School Management needs.

  • Edumitra
  • Standard
  • Rs 4/-

    Per Student / month
  • eDiva Online Classes
  • with Edumitra
  • Rs 4.5/-

    Per Student / month
  • Exam Planet
  • Online Exam System
  • Contact Us

    Per Student / Test

Note: Minimum Billing: Rs 500/- Per Month

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